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Use Bed Boots to Help Create an Inviting Guest Suite

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Bed Boots, specifically the Cottage White design were recommended by Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine as well as posted on their Atlanta Home Impromement Blog, as one of the ways to help clear away the clutter of a spare room thus turning it into an inviting guest suite.

Bed Boots are Coming

Press Release

Dateline: Marshfield Hills, MA

A new creation in bedroom furniture accessories is all the rage with designers and buyers who got a first peek. Finally, a solution to the problem of how to hide metal bed frame legs when you don’t want the frilly bed skirt or floor length spread – Bed Boots were custom designed to slip under the bed frame metal leg to wheel and provide a real furniture leg look.

Made of hardwood and finely finished in natural stains and popular paints, these smart easy to use accessories are an inexpensive and space saving addition to any style bedroom. In four colors, Mahogany, Cognac, Cottage White and Rubbed Black, Bed Boots complements traditional and contemporary decors.

When you don’t want to invest in or have space for head and foot boards, or you want something easier to place than cumbersome platforms, Bed Boots do not take up space and requires no tools; ready to use out of the box in minutes. Bed Boots look great with comforters and mattress covers.

Julie-Anne White, creator of Bed Boots and founder of Bed explains that her idea came years ago out of a desire to purchase a bed solution for her antique home, which has small bedrooms that would not accommodate large scale furniture. “There really wasn’t anything on the market that hides the ugly apparatus that sometimes shows even through a bed skirt In addition, I was tired of running into those hard metal legs of the bed frame.”

Boston designer Fotene Demoulas says “Bed Boots are a new design alternative to headboards and footboards and are a fresh solution, whether your décor is traditional, contemporary or casual. They are easy to put in place and are especially great for small spaces, like summer cottages, condos and all bedrooms really.”

Protect your toes and your floors ~these sturdy smoothly finished pieces when placed over the wheels of the metal frame make it less of a toe stubber and will also help to keep the bed from moving and scratching your nice hard wood floors.

Bed boots can also accompany a headboard. By choosing the color that compliments what you already have, you can buy a pair for the foot of your bed only.” Art Director Dominic White says, “I love the craftsmanship of our New England factory, located in Maine, that meets high-end furniture standards.”

Rectangular with handcrafted detail, Bed Boots measure 6 1/2” tall and 4 1/2” wide on all sides, with a 3 1/2” square opening to accommodate the leg and or wheel. Each comes with an optional _ inch block riser for adding more height to your frame allowing clearance for under bed storage of sweater and shoe bins.

Dress up Your Bed in any style home or apartment. Bed Boots weigh 3 lbs per pair and can be purchased online or by phone; to order, visit For more information, contact