Our handmade solid wood covers hide metal bed frame legs of a straight 5 – 7 inches. See contact info below to purchase this affordable and easy way to complete your bedroom.

Four Bed Boots (Same Color): $170.00 +s/h. Pairs $100.00 +s/h.

Steps To Order Your Bed Boots

Consult Bed Boots in advance of your order to hear about new colors, make sure the Bed Boots will fit your frame, or to request photos for best decor match. All current colors can be viewed on home page. You can click on BED BOOTS Logo at top pf each page to get there.

Contact us by email or phone.

Phone: (781)8341210
E-mail: jwhite@bedboots.com

Bed Boots can invoice you via PayPal for secure credit card payment. (No PayPal Account Needed.)

Or you can send check or money order for $170, plus $21.95 shipping and handling to:

Julie White a/k/a Bedboots
PO Box 24
Marshfield Hills, MA  02051

Your Bed Boots will ship upon receipt of payment.

BedBoots distinctive shipping packaging with product images

Please make sure you’ve provided  your UPS shipping (physical address) when you order.

See home page for all color photos or call to ask for design help.

For any questions on our product, please contact Julie White at (781) 834-1210. 

Paypal Logo

To Order via Credit Card or Paypal…
Send Your Order To:
Email jwhite@bedboots.com
Call (781)834-1210

You will receive an PayPal invoice via email.
All Credit Card Orders Processed through Paypal. No Account Necessary.