Original Bed Boots by Bedboots.com

Bedboots.com is a US company which resides in the United States and is the creator of BedBoots. These are a true solution to hide your metal legs while providing a professionally finished vs home made look. This product is made and held in inventory in the US. Returns are rare because the product is very high quality, fits the website description ~ no smoke and mirrors here with bogus key words used to get your order for a misfit product; returns are refunded and do not require shipping to an offshore location as do non-US distributors. Bedboots.com provides excellent real person customer service to help you determine which color is best for your bedroom decor as well as discuss your application and needs. Email or call us, and we’ll respond right away to offer support, not get you stuck in an electronic questionnaire.

Contact us jwhite@bedboots.com or (781)834-1210.